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The Jason Manford Show

The Jason Manford Show

With Jason Manford

On today's show, Jason was joined by Brennan Reece. Topics of the day were...

1 - This morning's incident

2 - Cricket World Cup Final & Netball

3 - Pole dancing

4 - Jason lookalikes

5 - Scared of woodlice and baked beans

6 - Jason's BIG news

7 - Weird phobias, from belly buttons to interlocking forks

8 - Is the Queen the most famous person in the World?

9 - The most disliked food in the UK

10 - Meghan Markle and the Royals

11 - The 12% of men who think they can beat Serena Williams

Jason Manford, one of the UK's most loved comedians, is on Absolute Radio every Sunday from 8am. If that sounds a bit early on a Sunday for you, then catch the best bits of Jason's show on this handy podcast.

Duration: 1 hour and 3 minutes

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