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The Jason Manford Show

Jason Manford had the brilliant Steve Edge in for today's show, but it was far from harmonious in the studio. Topics / argument fuel included...

1 - Jason's 5-aside pre-game stretching lasted for longer than the match itself

2 - The London Marathon - what would it take to make you run 26 miles?

3 - Karaoke songs

4 - Summer shopping and the rules on men's shorts and striped tshirts

5 - Morrison's Pie Gate

6 - Geordie accent anger

7 - Weird food habits and combinations you've invented - Bananas and Jam on Toast? We think not!

8 - The bit with the three food combo argument, where Steve nearly leaves the studio

9 - The 100% Moron Test - when there is only one argument that's right

10 - Flat Earthers - enough said.

Duration: 1 hour and 7 minutes


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