Dan Benedictus

Keen inventor and creator the MP3 player, the dishwasher and wellington boots.

About Dan Benedictus

Dan has been Absolute Radio for 7 years; first joining for work experience, then working as a receptionist, a runner, spending 2 and a half years in the scheduling department and then joining the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show for 6 months.

He's now a producer at One Golden Square, making trailers and jingles, and also answering the phones on Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show. Dan's always wanted to be on air, but with lots of jobs in the station already, he's been quite busy.

You can hear him hosting The Slump on Absolute Radio 90s every Sunday night - it's a show designed for those weary at the end of the weekend:

"You can hear me and my friends talking nonsense, to take your mind off the rapidly-approaching Monday. I still work full time at Absolute Radio when I'm not doing my show, so if I sound a bit tired during my links, that's why."

Apart from radio, Dan DJ's at clubs, playing "a load of electro and techno and stuff that's not particularly suitable to play on air", although he has been known to knock out some classics that people can sing along to.

"I am a keen inventor and created the MP3 player, the dishwasher and wellington boots. I also invented all those facts. Not the ones above, just those last few."

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