Chris Martin

"...not that geek from Coldplay" - Dave Grohl.

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About Chris Martin

Chris is a massive music geek. Every decade of rock n roll is catalogued inside his head. While this may be useful in a pub quiz, it's put to more use right here.

On Absolute Radio he unites the UK's night workers for great music, silliness and the greatest football quiz on the radio. He also loves delving into the forgotten stuff that none of us can remember from the 1990s.

Chris also puts some proper Classic Rock into your working day, hosting The No Repeat Guarantee on Absolute Classic Rock every weekday from 10am.

He works as part of the music team here playing around with the music, interviewing rock gods and making music specials. He's interviewed everyone from Arcade Fire and Muse to the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. He's as happy as the proverbial pig in muck.

Chris is a Leeds United fan. He's also just bought a house and so he's often found with paint all over his hands and shaking the plaster out of his hair.

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