Annabel Port

The Ying to Geoff's Yang.

About Annabel Port

Annabel was brought into this world in 1975 in the coastal town they forgot to close down, Southend-on-Sea. Or Benfleet to be precise, but no one's ever heard of that.

Her working life hasn't always revolved around radio. She spent six months doing data-input, one week cleaning an old people's home and to our knowledge holds a national record for the 6 years she did a paper round (until the unusually mature age of 18).

She has also taught English in Mexico, Portugal and Poland. In the latter, one of her responsibilities was ensuring the Polish army had a basic grasp of the language. So if a) we are ever at war with Poland and b) the language barrier leads to catastrophe, you know whom to blame.

In January 2001 she came to One Golden Square on a work experience placement and was spotted by the Svengali, Geoff Lloyd. Since then she has auditioned to be Michael Hutchence's replacement, been to circus school, and composed a song with Paul McCartney.

Outside of Golden Square, Annabel has worked in the podcasting world, which has included presenting alongside Danny Wallace and interviewing several of the stars of the TV shows Lost and Game of Thrones.

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