Listen on your TV

Channel information and free apps for your Smart TV & games console.

Find us on your Digital Television

Absolute Radio stations are available on a range of digital TV services. Find your favourite station below or download our free apps for your Smart TV or games console for even more choice.

Freeview channels

  • 727: Absolute Radio

Freesat channels

  • 724: Absolute Radio
  • 726: Absolute 80s

Sky channels

  • 0107: Absolute Radio
  • 0188: Absolute Radio 70s
  • 0200: Absolute 80s
  • 0201: Absolute Radio 90s
  • 0203: Absolute Classic Rock

Virgin Media channels

  • 915: Absolute Radio
  • 951: Absolute 80s
  • 952: Absolute Classic Rock

TalkTalk TV channels

  • 620: Absolute Radio

Listen on your Smart TV

If you own a Samsung, LG, Philips or Sharp Smart TV, you can download the free Absolute Radio TV app from your television's app store.

The Absolute Radio TV app lets you listen to all seven stations in high quality on your internet-connected television, with tabbed navigation that makes it easy to switch between stations and shows using your TV remote. Just like our apps on your PC and mobile, you can also see what's playing now, who's up next, and get Twitter updates from the on-air presenter.

What is Smart TV?

A Smart TV (sometimes referred to as Hybrid TV or Connected TV) is a television set or set-top box that can be connected to the internet via your household Wi-Fi connection. You can download applications that allow you to enjoy loads more great content such as movies, music and games on your TV, including Absolute Radio, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, NetFlix, Amazon Instant Video and many more.

Smart TV app support

Listen on your Apple TV

If you've got a 4th generation Apple TV (that's the one with the Siri remote), you can get the Absolute Radio app from the App Store now!

Apple TV app support

Listen on your Xbox 360

Attention gamers: The free Absolute Radio Xbox 360 app means you can now stream all seven Absolute Radio stations in high quality, right from your games console!

Xbox 360 app support