International Streaming FAQs

As a broadcaster funded entirely by UK advertising derived from UK listening, it is not economically viable for us to have our audio streams available outside of the UK.

I'm in the UK but it says I'm not.

Sometimes even though you're in the UK you may see a message saying you are not. This can happen because your device is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas (sometimes the case with work connections if your employer has overseas offices). Some programs, such as web accelerators, can cause your IP address to appear as if it is outside the UK. Occasionally it may be a simple network error, so it's worth closing and reopening your browser or restarting your internet router. Your employer's IT department or Internet Service Provider is usually best placed to fix this.

If are trying to listen from somewhere in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, have tried the above and still see this message, please contact us here.

Do you not care about your listeners abroad, why can you not make it viable to stream in my country?

We do care about our listeners, of course, but we are a broadcaster funded entirely by UK advertising derived from UK listening. It is, therefore, very unfortunately, not economically viable for us to continue to meet the cost of providing non-UK streams.

I am a UK resident working abroad. Can I listen?

We cannot stream to places outside of the UK, even to UK residents who are temporarily abroad.

Why are you doing this now when I have been streaming Absolute Radio for years?

We constantly review our strategy and have taken the view that now is the right time to implement this change.

Can I still listen to podcasts from my favourite presenters?

Yes you can; podcasts are still available from the show pages for Christian O'Connell, Geoff Lloyd and Frank Skinner, and also from the iTunes podcast directory.

Will you ever launch Absolute Radio internationally?

At present, we have no plans to launch Absolute Radio in any other countries. If this changes at any point in the future, we'll announce it on our website.

Do you plan to cut any services in the UK?

We have no plans to cut any services in the UK.