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Absolute Radio is 10 years old on Saturday 29th September (we're telling you the date so you can get your cards sent nice and early) and we want to find out what you think is the best song to be released in the last decade. We know 2008 to 2018 isn't officially recognised as a decade, but it is OUR decade...

We've created a list of some of the tracks which have been released and played on the station (so, ignoring the likes of Bieber, obviously) and we want you to pick your favourite. There's also a space for your suggestions in case you think we've missed anything.

Just for voting, you'll be entered into a draw to win one of ten Roberts RT100 record players. This stylish two-speed semi-automatic belt drive turntable is the perfect companion for your much-loved vinyl records. With a built-in stereo preamplifier, you can use it with just about any speaker or audio product with an auxiliary input - including sound systems, radios, and multi-room speakers. The RT100 also features USB connectivity, so you can make a digital copy of all your vinyl favourites to preserve them forever and enjoy them on your smartphone or music player wherever you go.
Find out more about the Roberts RT100 here.

Your votes and those of our expert panel of judges will be compiled to create the top 100 Songs Of Our Decade. Starting on Monday 17th September, Leona Graham will play out 10 songs from the chart every weekday morning at 10am. This will culminate with the reveal of your favourite song of our decade on our birthday eve.


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