Nextbase in Car DAB Radio Adaptor

Win a Nextbase in car DAB Radio Adaptor

Ever feel like a bit of Absolute Radio 90's on the school run, 70's for the commute home - 60's to ease you through the traffic? Of course you do - and we can sort if for you with the chance to win a Nextbase in car DAB Radio adaptor, so you can get your favourite digital radio stations - in your car.

Nextbase is the UK's leading manufacturer of Dash Cams, it has used this extensive knowledge of the tech and automotive markets to develop two new products - DAB in-car radio adapters that allows you to play digital radio through your existing radio unit. The Nextbase ADAPT DAB 350BT offers you 'Plug and play' digital radio in your car with bluetooth for hands free phone capability and music streaming, plus the Nextbase ADAPT DAB adapters are available at Halfords from just £99. You can fit it yourself, or Halfords can fit it for you for just £30 with no wires showing.

If you like what you're reading about the Nextbase in car DAB radio adapter, be sure you're listening to the Christian O'Connell Breakfast show on the 8th of December, because we'll be teaming up with Nextbase to engage in some seasonal good will ... keep listening to find out more!

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