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It's like a time machine, just without some shouty pillock in a scarf.

Songs played on Friday 20 September

  1. Blind Melon

    No Rain

    Blind Melon

  2. Bonus song
    Linkin Park

    What I've Done

    Linkin Park

  3. Guns N' Roses

    Sweet Child O' Mine

    Guns N' Roses

  4. Gary Moore

    Parisienne Walkways

    Gary Moore

  5. Genesis
  6. AC/DC

    Who Made Who


  7. Bonus song
    Stealers Wheel
  8. Jimi Hendrix

    Fire (Live)

    Jimi Hendrix

  9. Poison

    Unskinny Bop


  10. Supertramp

  11. Bonus song



  12. Led Zeppelin

    Good Times Bad Times

    Led Zeppelin

  13. The Police

    Synchronicity Ii

    The Police

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