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It's like a time machine, just without some shouty pillock in a scarf.

Songs played on Wednesday 12 June

  1. The Who

    The Real Me

    The Who

  2. The Who

    My Generation

    The Who

  3. Bonus song
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Suck My Kiss

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  4. Eric Clapton

    I Shot The Sheriff

    Eric Clapton

  5. Dire Straits

    Money For Nothing

    Dire Straits

  6. The Band

    The Weight

    The Band

  7. Bonus song
    Elton John
  8. Wings



  9. ZZ Top
  10. Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

    Make Me Smile

    Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

  11. Supertramp

    Give A Little Bit


  12. Bonus song
  13. Pink Floyd


    Pink Floyd

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