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It's like a time machine, just without some shouty pillock in a scarf.

Songs played on Wednesday 17 April

  1. Bon Jovi

    Keep The Faith

    Bon Jovi

  2. Placebo

    Nancy Boy


  3. Bonus song
    Amy Grant

    Baby Baby

    Amy Grant

  4. Macy Gray

    I Try

    Macy Gray

  5. Manic Street Preachers
  6. The B-52s


    The B-52s

  7. Terrorvision



  8. Bonus song
    Chad Jackson
  9. Salt 'N Pepa

    Let's Talk About Sex

    Salt 'N Pepa

  10. Pulp
  11. Beck

  12. Bonus song
    Matchbox 20


    Matchbox 20

  13. Baby D
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