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It's like a time machine, just without some shouty pillock in a scarf.

Songs played on Monday 8 April

  1. UB40 and Chrissie Hynde

    I Got You Babe

    UB40 and Chrissie Hynde

  2. Bonus song
    Jermaine Jackson

    Let's Get Serious

    Jermaine Jackson

  3. Pet Shop Boys

    Left To My Own Devices

    Pet Shop Boys

  4. Heart



  5. Pointer Sisters

    Jump (For My Love)

    Pointer Sisters

  6. AC/DC
  7. Madonna

    Material Girl


  8. Bonus song
    Altered Images

    See Those Eyes

    Altered Images

  9. Billy Joel

    Tell Her About It

    Billy Joel

  10. Tears For Fears

    Head Over Heels

    Tears For Fears

  11. Stevie Wonder

    Part Time Lover

    Stevie Wonder

  12. Living In A Box

    Living In A Box

    Living In A Box

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