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It's like a time machine, just without some shouty pillock in a scarf.

Songs played today

  1. Florence and the Machine

    You've Got The Love

    Florence and the Machine

  2. Bonus song
    The Killers


    The Killers

  3. The Vaccines

    Post Break-up Sex

    The Vaccines

  4. Aloe Blacc

    I Need A Dollar

    Aloe Blacc

  5. Arctic Monkeys

    Fluorescent Adolescent

    Arctic Monkeys

  6. Justin Timberlake

    Rock Your Body

    Justin Timberlake

  7. Oasis

  8. Bonus song
    Badly Drawn Boy

    Something To Talk About

    Badly Drawn Boy

  9. Feeder
  10. Adele
  11. Foo Fighters

    Best Of You

    Foo Fighters

  12. Bonus song
    30 Seconds To Mars

    Closer To The Edge

    30 Seconds To Mars

  13. Kylie Minogue
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